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Are Roleplaying Games Sexist?

(For some context see here).

The roleplaying hobby is dominated by men. Games are mostly written by men... for men. (I know there is a now more than a few games direct targetting women...). So is there an unintentional bias or sexism in games?

...would it have been so hard to come up with an example that would make me, a woman, excited to play the game?

Quoted from "Pulp, gender, genre"

Let me put it another way, this is question for any female gamers: what appeals or disgusts you in RPGs? Is it the type or quantity of female character types or does the lack of adequate or steretypes do your head in?

Some game companies are currently trying to market cute and fluffly and romance and “social” games to women which is utterly patronising.

Quoted from "It's about starting conversations with new people"

Is this true?
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